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What Exactly Is Coaching?

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Coaching Is...

  • Finding and cultivating the most resourceful version of yourself. I am not looking to find something wrong with you, but rather holding you completely capable of achieving what you want and more. I am here to support and cheer you on but will also stretch you to go bigger when I know you can. 
  • Creating space to reflect and discover the root beliefs that are keeping you planted in the past and updating them with new truths that allow you to move forward.
  • Driven by you and you can think of me as a sort of GPS to navigate what is standing between you and your desires. There are times where I will offer suggestions, but 90% of the time I am asking you questions to gain further clarity and confidence in the steps YOU want to take.

"Sam's legit! Love her as a coach, incredibly intuitive and always brings out the best in me and encourages me beautifully to take action."

Gina Bowen
Co-Founder of The Cancer ReMission Project

"Samantha is a masterful coach. She has the uncanny ability to hone in on the things below the surface that keep you stuck. I thoroughly enjoyed our coaching sessions. I left feeling energized and hopeful about the future. "

Carmina Mevs
Founder of Walk It Off

Want to be a supported by a small group of like-minded individuals in a 4-week deep dive?

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In this 4-week online bootcamp we will be:

  • Clarifying your desires and exactly what you would like to be experiencing more of in your life
  • Creating space to reflect on what has slowed you down or stopped you completely from making positive progress forward 
  • Learning the basics of visualization on how to begin building vivid imagery around your goals
  • Covering different embodiment exercises to utilize to help you further tap into and own what you want
  • Discussing daily mental habits to help increase positive self-talk and begin rewiring your brain so you can continue to step into the most aligned version of yourself
  • Witnessing strength and perseverance as we listen to each others stories of overcoming our own personal challenges to get to where we are today and still strive to keep going
  • Supporting each other to dream and take bold action in taking care of yourself, so you can best show up for those you love

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