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Movement Embodiment Workshop Testimonials

This is a technique that I have developed other the last ten years to help process intense emotions. It is helpful for not only releasing emotions that you are ready to let go of, but also embracing and stepping into your next level of living.

"What really hit home for me was how for the last 5 years I have shrunk back from my truth. For the first 22 years of my life I was a competitive dancer. I was taught to feel deeply, express my emotion, and leave it all on the floor. The bigger the better. Then, after graduating college and not having the space to dance easily carved out for me I started to subscribe to society's expectations. I heard that to fit in I needed to be small. Physically, by loosing weight to be desirable, and metaphorically by not speaking up with my truth but being agreeable instead. This exercise reminded me of the power in being fully expressed and living big. I can say the entire investment in HMBA was delivered in this 90 minute session. My partner and I are remodeling our home, I have requested we find a way to incorporate a dance studio into the design so I can have a space to consistently recreate this reminder. Thank you, thank you, thank you!❤️"

Kaela Gedda
Ontological Life Coach

"I have to admit, I felt excited to start and then my critter brain said, 'Oh boy! This is not comfortable'. Prior to the exercise you had us write down 'the invitation that I am making to myself in this moment?' Mine was to be open to looking silly and making mistakes. Being imperfect! Celebrating my uniqueness! Well, it took a couple songs to help me open my eyes and then a little nudge or two along the way from fellow attendees, and then BOOM I had found my groove and was REALLY ENJOYING MYSELF! Like, actually dancing the way I felt that I wanted to. The way I had imagined a more confident, joyful and open version of Cara to dance like. It felt very good, and I thank you for helping me to start trusting in MYSELF and be loving, unapologetic and gracious to MYSELF. "

Cara Underwood
Health Coach

"This movement exercise was so liberating and empowering. I have always loved music, and when it feels right, I love to dance. I was working at home after the retreat, and began to feel stuck. I thought of you Sam and this exercise, so I put on some music and moved. I now have a whole new way of getting unstuck. As I began to move my body at home I had an epiphany. The epiphany was that the time in my life that I felt the most free, and that anything was possible was also a time when I danced unencumbered and frequently. I had lost that connection and let this simple tool slip away. This simple tool of feeling into the music and letting it all go gives me a way to connect to my freedom and absolute possibility anywhere, anytime. Thank you for bringing that back to me and giving me the tools to never let this fade again. "

Liberty Hoffer
Health Coach

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